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Green Dome Ventures Ltd is a licensed professional procurement firm. In response to the pandemic, the company have leveraged their direct relationships with medical device and personal protection equipment manufacturers as a platform from which to address global shortages in critically needed supply.   

With contacts in all the world, GreenDome Ventures Ltd is uniquely positioned to offer the experience, the expertise, the systems and the support to strategically meet the Product, Business Development, Service, Delivery and Support needs of our diverse clientele.  

Every member of our team brings the highest level of competence and professionalism, each of us dedicated to earning the trust and confidence of our valued buyers in all we do. Together, we deliver a world-class full-service Supply Chain Solution that reflects today’s market and the diverse needs buyers around the world.   Each transaction is tailored to support Healthcare Providers, Front-line Personnel, Governments and Professional PPE and Medical Equipment Distribution and Supply Companies.  

We leave nothing to chance.   Everything we do is GREEN…  

Our Philosophy

Green Dome Ventures Ltd has always been committed to being a good administrator of the working environment to make the communities more and more satisfied and constantly improve the places where we live and work, paying special attention to respect for our planet.

We provide a variety of resources to our partners, such as products, financial support and many more.

Our business model offers exceptional service and value to our stakeholders, customers, investors and consortium partners.

Our long-term program is based on the same principles as our business model and specifically focuses on innovation, service, values ​​and partnerships with the customers we serve.

Due to the nature of our business and as a leader in management, we support modern organizations that focus on developing and improvement of the work environment and promoting professional education.

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